At the End of a Long Road

Dani Hoy

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Rocking country originals featuring great vocals with music performed by Nashville musicians Jerry Roe, Dave Roe and Kenny Vaughan.

Music has been a constant, sweet companion all my life. Going from listening and singing along to playing guitar and writing my own songs has been an amazing journey. My third CD, At the End of a Long Road, is a little shorter than my previous two (TropiGal and Songs of Love and the Ocean) because I wanted to concentrate on just five really good songs. At the End of a Long Road is so titled because I have moved from Pennsylvania to Key West, Florida. At times the transition has been difficult but mostly it's been an incredible opening for me as an artist and performer. Two of the songs were written before I moved to Key West and three were written much more recently. Musically, the CD is a huge step up with Nashville musicians under the direction of my producer, Kevin Johnston, creating the rhythm and lead tracks in studio. Dave Roe, on bass, performed with Johnny Cash in the 90's until the Man in Black passed on. He recently tracked bass for Lucinda Williams. Kenny Vaughn has also worked with Lucinda and plays guitar for Marty Stuart. Jerry Roe, on drums, has played on stage with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. This is all like magic to me. With acoustic guitars by Rob Thorworth and keys, percussion and concertina from my producer, the music is very rich and was such a pleasure to add my vocals to. "At the end of a long road" comes from the first song, Escape, which is about a journey friends are taking south to escape the icy cold grip of the gods of winter. They are journeying to the islands and each chorus takes you closer to Paradise. Back Country Pontoon Party is a boatin' floatin' good time in the mangroves on the sandbar. Not Enough Rum is a country heartbreak song with a rum-flavored sadness. Coffee Drinking Girl is about a girl who is sure of herself and ready to fly around the world, she's so full of caffeine. Status is a song that dwells in uncertainty. Have I really made the right choices? The answer lies in a song. I hope you enjoy this CD. Dani

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