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Happy Merry Christmas from Key West

by Dani Hoy, Key West Chris & Bobby DeVito

Released 2014
Dani Hoy
Released 2014
Dani Hoy
An original song wishing you Happy Merry Christmas from Key West!
We're living the dream in Key West! Singer/songwriters Dani Hoy and Chris Rehm, aka The Shanty Hounds, live and perform in Key West, Florida. What are the holidays about in Key West? Sun, fun, enjoying time with friends and family and NO SNOW. Enjoy this song performed in the classic holiday style with twist; Lots of holiday cheer, whippets barking, fun commentary and more. Vocals by Dani Hoy, Chris Rehm, Bobby DeVito. Dani on tambourine, Chris on acoustic guitar and Bobby on acoustic lead. Schmegely the Troubadour brings the fun as our additional commentator and Cajun and Tooloulou add their two cents. Original production by all three writers, final production by Dan Simpson of Private Ear Studios, Key West, FL>

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