Dani Hoy



Dani Hoy

Born in Baltimore, MD, but now living the island life in Key West, FL, Dani Hoy’s mission is to create honest and entertaining ear worms about life and love in an Americana style.


Carrying out her motto, “Better late than never,” Dani started her musical career around the age of 40 and is wasting no time establishing herself as a serious songwriter and an engaging vocalist. Her ability to connect warmly with audiences as well as her adventurous yet vulnerable songwriting style has garnered her many fans over the last few years.


Dani is currently in writing mode, working on songs for a future project. Always looking to progress to the next level artistically, she is actively seeking to improve her songwriting technique and guitar skills. The songs from her previous CD as well as her new songs show a maturing approach to songwriting that is sure to make her third CD a hit.


Promoting her music to a variety of sources, her songs are currently in the ears of listeners on a variety of web-based and terrestrial radio stations. Passersby on the street are lured into venues by the quality of her vocals when she is performing live.


A lover of musical styles from many eras and genres, Dani’s songwriting reflects these varied influences. Her widely anticipated second full CD, "Songs of Love and the Ocean," released in August 2013, was produced by Kevin Johnston of Orca Sound Studio in Abingdon, MD and features a versatile mix of songs from funky pop and rock to country and torch songs. The two had previously teamed up on her first project, “TropiGal.” Since that initial release, she has traveled around the country with her Martin guitar to perform and promote her CDs with encouraging success.


Dani’s dedication to touring and performing has earned her some accolades. In the last two years since her first CD was released, the Trop Rock Music Association (troprock.org) nominated her for awards in 2012 and 2013. She has also been recognized by a poll of Beachfront Radio (beachfrontradio.com) listeners as the Top Female Vocalist of 2013. Also, her song “Gone Native” was number 14 in the Top 20 Songs and “Songs of Love & the Ocean” was number five in the Top Album category.


With her recent change in residence, Dani Hoy continues to cover new ground musically as well. She remains focused on songwriting and performance, which are two of her passions, looking toward her next musical release. Live or recorded you’ll love what you hear.