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Trop Rock Odyssey, Episode 1

Thanks to my friend, Rick Schettino, AKA, Kid Conch, for putting ladies first in his video series "Trop Rock Odyssey." You can view all of the current episodes of TRO on YouTube! 



Thanks to the listeners of Beachfront Radio for their votes! 

I'm very honored to have been chosen as the Top Female Vocalist of 2013! Also, "Songs of Love & the Ocean," my current CD, was number 5 in the Top 5 Trop Rock Albums and my song "Gone Native" was number 14 in the Top 20 Trop Rock Songs category. Cheers to Beachfront Radio, one of the top Trop Rock stations with worldwide listenership, and their loyal and wonderful listeners for keeping the music flowing. Visit this link to see the full details: http://www.beachfrontradio.com/top-of-the-trop-2013-results

Songs of Love & the Ocean & TropiGal

Now available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, CDBaby and in the Beachfront Radio Music Hut. Click these links below plus the Handy Links on the right side!


Dani Hoy: Songs of Love & the Ocean
Dani Hoy: Tropigal



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